January 19, 2022

American Express Gift Cards


I see a lot of questions and popularity with the American Express Gift Card. With the holidays coming up, Christmas gift cards from AmericanExpress is a viable alternative to limiting someone to a particular store or restaurant, or risking sounding cash over the US Postal Service.

American Express GiftCard, in two formats. There is the American Express business gift card, and the American Express consumer gift card (for family and friends). Each card has different features and applicable uses.

The AmericanExpress business giftcard can be ordered with multiple cards totaling as high as $35,000. They are also an easy solution for rewards, promotions, and incentives. Large orders are also eligible for a possible discount.

The AmericanExpress consumer giftcard can be ordered and ships within one to two days, allows the recipient to choose what they want to buy, multiple cards can be shipped with one package, and specialty cards are also available.

If you’re a business and you want some ideas for uses of the Amex Giftcards, take these into consideration. You can use them for sales incentives for your top sales reps and distributors. You also might want to give out the Christmas bonus, or a birthday gift. On the other hand, you might want to reward your consumers. For example you may offer a loyalty program where somebody who stays with you for six months to a year gets a free $50 AmericanExpress GiftCard.

As a consumer the beauty of these cards is they’re perfect for any occasion, whether it’s a birthday, graduation, holiday, or any other event. These giftcards also come with special offers, including additional savings that featured partners like Pier 1 Imports, KB toys and foot locker. They also offer a decent sized denomination range from $25-$500 per card. If the card becomes lost or stolen it can easily be replaced or refunded.

AmericanExpress recommends that when you receive your card you sign the signature panel immediately, and also write down the account number and customer service phone number on a piece of paper so that if the card is lost or stolen you can call them immediately to have the card replaced or refund the money. There is also no expiration date, however after a certain amount of time Amex does begin to charge a service fee, and at the time of this writing is 365 days after the card has been purchased.

If your AmericanExpress GiftCard is lost or stolen the phone number to call is 1877 AXP-GIFT (1-877-297-4498).

American Express does not allow you to reload the card. Once the initial balance is depleted the card is worthless and should be cut up or destroyed.

Since the American Express GiftCard is treated like a regular credit card, only one name is allowed to be placed on the actual gift card. However when sending out the card to another person you are allowed to put more than one name on the note or notice that is sent along with the card.

One more final note, when using your new card, there are a couple things that may become issues mainly at restaurants and gas stations. Many restaurants will request authorization for 10 to 15% even up to 20% higher than the actual tab to account for a tip. Your card could become declined if you have $50 on your card and your bill comes to $50 because if they were to add 10% to that authorization do actually be authorizing a $55 purchase. This doesn’t mean you will pay $55 but he basically puts a hold on the card. You can request a restaurant to put in a specific dollar amount but there are no guarantees that they will or can do this. Also at gas stations it is recommended that you pay inside versus paying at the pump because many gas station pay at the pump credit card terminals will automatically authorize $50-$75 which could cause a problem if you don’t have enough funds on your gift card. Therefore if you go inside and pay the exact amount there should be no issues.


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