January 19, 2022

Free Gift Cards No Surveys – How Do I Get One?


Everybody loves a gift card, but not everyone is willing to participate with online market research. Rather than taking surveys, there are other ways to secure yourself a nifty gift card by employing a little creativity and keeping a watchful eye for promotions.

One great resource for getting free gift cards is to register with online game sites that participate with regular giveaways. You need to register with a site that earns you points or tokens to be redeemed by a weekly or monthly drawing. Gift card retailers from the top game sites include all your favorite stores such as Walmart, Target and Best Buy. To locate a site that's using your favorite outlet, use the keywords: games, win, Walmart, etc.

Another source for free gift cards may be found at participating auto dealerships. If you are a serious buyer and test drive one of their cars, the trend is to say "thank you" with a free gift card for local or national services. However, your veracity may be tested by filing out a credit application or allowing them to run credit from your social security number. They have to use some discretion when giving away valuable items, so don't be offended if they ask you for minimal paperwork.

Banks are another industry that love to woo us in with gifts. Be on the lookout for special promotions for banking products that reward your interest with gift cards. The gift may be a premium for opening a savings account or applying for credit. And if the service is something you were going to buy anyway, you might as well get a free gift card in the process.


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