January 19, 2022

Top 5 Ideas For Retirement Gifts


When browsing for retirement gifts, there is one simple rule to keep in mind above all else. What will the retiree do with their free time? Each person chooses to spend their retirement in a different way, and figuring out what your friend, relative, or co-worker has planned for their newly acquired free time will steer you in the right direction. Nonetheless, there are some very popular and practical alternatives that in 2010 are cropping up at the tops of retirees wish lists.

  • Technology
    Don’t be so surprised–even Grandma has a Facebook nowadays! As it turns out, retirees are thrilled to have time to stay connected via the internet to old friends and family. They send emails, upload photos, and even create travel blogs to share with loved ones. A new gadget helps a retiree feel young and stay young. One extremely popular gadget for retirees in 2010 is an e-reader. Instead of purchasing a generic bookstore gift card, consider an e-reader as a nice gift for your retiree. They will be able to take their library with them everywhere, including plane flights, and can shop for books from anywhere they like. The latest e-readers are lightweight, user friendly, and can store massive quantities of e-books. Further, e-books are significantly less expensive than the latest hardcover, so your retiree will be able to hold onto their limited retirement funds. It is not only a practical gift, but a highly desired one.

  • Gift Certificates
    Perhaps you know someone who is about to retire, but are not close enough to them to pick out a gift you know they will enjoy. A gift card, along with a nice card, is an excellent alternative. However, those who have worked long enough to make it to retirement have also probably acquired a lot of things during their lives. Instead of opting for a traditional gift card-in which an object is the end result of the gift-try selecting a gift card for an experience or activity the retiree can enjoy. If they are a thrill-seeker, then go for a skydiving or rock climbing gift certificate. If they enjoy a refined environment, perhaps vouchers for a play or ballet would be appropriate. You can get gift cards or gift vouchers to almost anything, so use your imagination and the knowledge you have about the person who is retiring. Certificates to fancy restaurants, movie theaters, dancing studios, spas and golf resorts are just a few of endless options.

  • Luxury Gifts
    Once you retire, the money you have is generally limited and requires serious planning and budgeting to stretch it to the maximum. Many people reach retirement with too little funds to lead the lifestyle they would have liked to enjoy while receiving their working paycheck-except they lacked the available time. Not surprisingly, retirees love to receive the gift of these luxuries. Your retiree might love a day spa or massage voucher, or perhaps a golfing or fancy dinner voucher. Alternatively, consider an expensive bottle of wine, a gift basket of foreign delicacies, or a collection of exotic coffee and tea blends. A little time to splurge on the finer things in life is something that anyone can-and will-enjoy.

  • Travel Gifts
    Unless you have a job that requires a lot of travel, most people do not get to experience the world until they have reached retirement. If you are lucky, you have been planning a retirement budget to include the travel expenses you plan to incur during retirement. However, if you are shopping for someone who is about to retire that does plan on traveling, then a gift to aid in their journey can be the most appreciated. Pieces of luggage, passport wallets, and luggage tags are all useful gifts. Take it a step further and consider digital cameras, mini travel computers, nice journals and scrapbooks, and language guides as unconventional aids to enjoy, capture, share, and remember their journeys.

  • Hobby Gifts
    When hearing hobby gifts, you may think golf clubs and scrapbooking accessories. Though these may still be major hobbies of some retirees, today’s workforce headed towards retirement as a much more modernized idea of hobbies. Digital photography, video editing, sculpting and painting, and even SCUBA diving are all closer to the direction that today’s retirees are heading. The hobbies that your retiree is interested in are not likely to be the average cookie-cutter activities. Find out what their personal passion truly is, and if it is something you are unfamiliar with then be sure to ask the advice of a sales representative or do some internet searching before picking your final selection.


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