October 28, 2021

Top Surveys Today

Surveys (including but not limited to: samples, coupons, offers, specials, deals, survey, contest, giveaway, samples, sweepstakes, and other similar offers) can change often, sometimes daily. www.TopSurveysToday.com(“TST”) administers this website and the related App but doesn’t claim to own or represent any of the surveys, products, logos, brands, trade names, rights or trademarks associated with any of the Surveys which are the property of the respective owners of each, who are not endorsing or promoting this website nor any of the Surveys promoted on our website. All third parties are unaffiliated with TST and therefore are not subject to any direction or control of TST. Some images of Surveys include prior offerings, outside offerings, expired offerings, representative offerings, and different brands of similar products or otherwise are not a current offering from TST. If for whatever reason various Surveys become unavailable, you participated with them and did not receive compensation, their qualification requirements changed, you are denied, or any other challenges or complications arise, TST is not responsible. No guarantee is made that you will receive any of the requested Surveys or compensation as these are offered by outside third parties. TST receives or may be compensated when you participate in third party offers. We do not pay for filling out Surveys (unless specifically mentioned that the Surveys will be coming from us). For more information, please reference our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. There is no purchase necessary to qualify for Surveys but you will need to provide personal information, respond to survey questions and/or agree to be contacted by our marketing partners to qualify for Surveys. By visiting this website and participating, you agree to the Terms & Conditions (including mandatory arbitration) and our Privacy Policy (under which you allow us to share your personal information with our marketing partners who may also contact you via email, or if you separately consent, by telephone or text message).